Hi. I'm Michael Castello, and I do a lot of things.

Currently, the lion's share of my time is consumed by a masochistic quest to earn not one, but two doctorates in the form of an MD/PhD. In pursuit of the PhD portion of that degree, I study Alzheimer's disease in Dr. Salvador Soriano's laboratory at Loma Linda University. Within the next several years I will begin the four-year journey through medical school to earn my MD. I try not to think about how old I'll be on the other side.

I am constantly thinking about and questioning everything, and as consequence I research and have opinions on all manner of topics. When my frustration with the world "doing it wrong" becomes too great, I write about it. Occasionally somebody other than myself takes interest and my writing appears elsewhere, including the odd scientific journal.

APP Regulates Brain Lipid Homeostasis (Neuroscience 2013 Presentation)

Thank you for visiting my site in its haphazard under-construction phase. If you've made it this far and want to contact me, I'm on Twitter, you can send me a message, or attach a note to a thoughtful gift. Whichever.