Michael A. Castello, PhD

MD/PhD student, neuroscientist, husband, lover of technology (carbon & silicon-based varieties), avid learner, passionate advocate.


May 18, 2010

Waterfall. Pastel, completed May 2010. I started this picture back in 2004 and got about as far as the charcoal underdrawing before I put it aside. One year of high school and four years of college later, I decided to pick it up, take art class again and finish it. I took some pictures of it while it was still a work in progress as much to show the progression as to convince myself I was getting somewhere with it.[…] Read more  »

Waterfall [WIP]

May 6, 2010

This past fall I began taking art classes again, with the hope of finishing a picture I’d started in ye olde 2004 or so.I thought it would be cool to photograph it after each session to track the progress. While the shots aren’t consistent enough to do a true time-lapse, I think it will be interesting to see how the picture develops.[…] Read more  »


A Match Made to Profession

February 28, 2018

You finished medical school. Time to get a job, right? Wrong! Finishing allopathic med school gets one an MD but does not allow one to actually practice medicine. For that you have to complete what is more or less a paid apprenticeship, termed a “residency” because it involves essentially living at the hospital for the duration. […] Read more  »