Michael A. Castello, PhD

MD/PhD student, neuroscientist, husband, lover of technology (carbon & silicon-based varieties), avid learner, passionate advocate.


May 28, 2018

I strive to manage

All of their emotions

Leaving no space

To experience

My own.

End of Scroll

May 21, 2018

She tried to scroll further down the list but nothing happened; she had reached the end, there were no more listings. She looked at the time: it was late afternoon, now, almost evening. Her stomach gurgled, reminding her that she had not eaten, not since that piece of seven-grain toast and strawberry jam she had wolfed down along with a double shot of espresso over twelve hours earlier.[…] Read more  »


May 9, 2018

Once I feared the coming night, what dreads it might contain.

My gentle heart full of light, that I dared not expose.

I fought against a nightmare, shielded flame from tempests,

Slowly fell into despair, watched it dim regardless.

Cursing myself for failure, asking to be released,[…] Read more  »


Moving In

August 11, 2018

I always imagine that moving is going to be something akin to a sequence. A series of steps in which boxes are created, transported, and piled up in the new location. Perhaps if one belongs to the economic stratum that can afford to hire professional movers (or is a member of the Armed Forces),[…] Read more  »

End of the End of the End

June 3, 2018

Graduation. An event that had been so far off for so long, my dazed mind refused to believe it could actually be happening. And yet, here it was, a weekend of visitors and ceremonies and celebrations swirling around me in a blur of regalia and purple orchid leis.  As with everything else in this eight-year adventure,[…] Read more  »