Michael A. Castello, PhD

MD/PhD student, neuroscientist, husband, lover of technology (carbon & silicon-based varieties), avid learner, passionate advocate.

End of Scroll

May 21, 2018

She tried to scroll further down the list but nothing happened; she had reached the end, there were no more listings. She looked at the time: it was late afternoon, now, almost evening. Her stomach gurgled, reminding her that she had not eaten, not since that piece of seven-grain toast and strawberry jam she had wolfed down along with a double shot of espresso over twelve hours earlier.[…] Read more  »


May 9, 2018

Once I feared the coming night, what dreads it might contain.

My gentle heart full of light, that I dared not expose.

I fought against a nightmare, shielded flame from tempests,

Slowly fell into despair, watched it dim regardless.

Cursing myself for failure, asking to be released,[…] Read more  »


April 11, 2018

We are the wraiths floating in the shadows, keeping the monsters off the path.

Our souls are bare and tattered, the memory of a form.

You marvel at what was lost to carry out this task,

But perhaps we took the work because our souls were already worn.[…] Read more  »


Leaving Dayton

May 9, 2018

When I last left off, I was experiencing a smorgasbord of weather variations in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio while completing my final rotation of med school. Both my mom and Mark came up from their respective states of residence to visit me as Ohio, unlike California, is within a driving distance where one can both leave and arrive in the same calendar day.[…] Read more  »

Impudent Weather

April 15, 2018

Weather is the height of inoffensive topics, typically reserved for such situations as breaking ice, vainly attempting to prevent a relative from espousing their religiopolitical views in polite company, and  interactions that have reached a level of tedium where discussing the class of precipitation seems interesting. One could be forgiven for assuming that,[…] Read more  »