The Call

A stop-motion Lego music video for “The Call” by Michael W. Smith, originally made in 2001-2002.

This was once the pinnacle of our Lego filmmaking.

A Lego music video for “The Call” by Michael W. Smith created by Mark, Jason, and myself. Based on the original 2001–2002 clips but AI-upscaled, recut, and resynced.

When I found the original clips exported from the Lego Studios software, this one had no sound attached (there may not have been a way to import it at the time). I believe the way it was viewed at the time involved queuing the video while Mark stood at the ready with a boombox CD player and starting both simultaneously. I did a basic remix of the video with the audio track, which sort of breaks down as it goes along.

Basic remix of the video with the audio track. Sort of breaks down as it goes along.

Despite the expectations of our Christian families, we were adamant that this was not a religious story. “Creation” as a concept lent itself to the techniques of stop motion, where we could make things appear and grow. The song was full of dramatic hits that we used to pace the scenes, making this one of our longest films.

Eventually, in a concession to the number of comments we received, we did a reshoot and added in the scene where The Figure brings a clay minifigure to life. We had gained a lot more skills doing other films in the meantime and it is quite apparent that our techniques had improved.

Our lighting came primarily from flashlights, the concentrated brightness causing all kinds of exposure issues for the poor camera (along with the occasional visible hand). In subsequent films we started using reflectors to create indirect lighting instead.