Michael A. Castello, MD, PhD

Child Neurology resident, neuroscientist, companion, technology enthusiast (carbon & silicon-based varieties), avid learner, passionate advocate.

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  • 2πr(aspberry)
    Vacations for residents at my stage of training are scheduled almost a year in advance. Among all the different rotations are nestled two consolidated bits of time off to enjoy and do with it as one pleases. I have tried to use it for travel if I can, as any trip longer than a few […]
  • Pi-Hole Setup
    My original Raspberry Pi has languished in my computer toolbox for years, waiting to be assigned a purpose. That purpose was found when it became a Pi-hole.
  • HTPC Build 2020
    I have been building home theater computer setups for quite some time. In the era of streaming services having an HTPC it is not as useful as it once was, and equivalent devices can be purchased “assembly not required” such as the Apple TV 4K or Vero 4K+. For me, building computers is something I […]
  • Shelter in Place
    I am starting to feel as though I am not getting the same “quarantine experience” as everyone else. Following California’s lead, many states have been enacting official shelter in place orders, leaving people sitting at home with nothing to do but stream media and learn new skills. It kind of seems like fun, minus the […]
  • COVID-19
    My colleagues have been maintaining a living document with practical COVID-19 information. Please share the links with family and friends as needed.