Michael A. Castello, MD, PhD

Child Neurology resident, neuroscientist, companion, technology enthusiast (carbon & silicon-based varieties), avid learner, passionate advocate.

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  • Urine Output
    In the hospital we care a lot about urine. While we no longer taste the sweetness of diabetes mellitus compared to the flavorless diabetes insipidus, we measure urine output (UOP), volume (per kilo per hour), color, red cells, white cells, nitrites, bacteria… Pee-related reasons for sticking around the hospital range from the anatomic (a kid … Read more
  • Critical Care
    Michael rides in an ambulance for the first time as an adult and learns from some of the most competent people in the children's hospital.
  • Liability
    I let myself Be drawn in,Relaxed my guard.But yours was still up.
  • Not Anymore
    Everything we didEverything we saidEverywhere we wentAll in the past.Now when I see youYour face reminds meOf everything I lost.
  • Unprotected
    Vulnerable,So very vulnerable.And all for what?Connection?Love?I was safer when I buried my heart.