Leveling Up

August 7, 2019

If there’s anyone left still following along after all the extended silences and affirmative responses to the “are you still in school” question, it’s time to check in with what I’m doing now. While I did, in fact, graduate with some degrees a while back there’s still a long way to go on the path from “person with a degree”[…] Read more  »

Lego Rediscovery

March 11, 2019

For some time now I have had a goal of transporting my Lego collection from its storage location at my mom’s house to my current place of residence. This past weekend, I made the beginnings of progress during a brief stop through Maryland.

When I arrived at her house, my mom had kindly gathered all of the bins from their various hiding places.[…] Read more  »

Water Supply Side

January 13, 2019

Recently I found a new-in-box water bottle at a thrift store. Initially I was confused as to why someone would get rid of it; however, upon opening the box I saw that it was emblazoned with a logo:


I’m sure it’s former owner was worried about accidentally being associated with such an embarrassingly mistaken ideology.[…] Read more  »