life | līf |

1. the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death: the origins of life.

  • living things and their activity: some sort of life existed on Mars | lower forms of life | the ice-cream vendors were the only signs of life.

Short (and long) reads extracted from my personal life.

  • Detritus
    Physical detritus, its many forms, and the unending burden of its containment.
  • Best Foot Forward
    In which my right foot collects superficial injuries.
  • Business Hours
    Whether they are 9–5 or even the more expansive 8–6, it is a challenge at the best of times to arrive at an establishment that keeps so-called “business hours.” Even more so for the hapless resident physician on inpatient service, whose days stretch twelve hours at minimum. Thus, when given the opportunity to leave work…
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  • Creators Don’t Get to Choose Which Business Model Works
    As it becomes harder and harder to attack the logic of the CwF+RtB business model, I’ve seen a lot more people reaching for a kind of compromise or balance option. It goes something like, “Okay, I see how this model can work, but it should be the creator’s choice whether or not they use it.”…