mat·ter | ˈmatər |

1. physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, esp. as distinct from energy: the structure and properties of matter.

  • a substance or material: organic matter | vegetable matter.
  • written or printed material: reading matter.

Things that matter, such as professional work or published writing. A rather short list.

  • Unbidden
    Do you ever start crying for no reason? Tears that arrive unbidden Bearing more force than they deserve. Only it isn’t for no reason, is it: It’s the same reason as always. You cry for lost love, Unrealized dreams, Heartache and hopelessness. A life that was, One that could have been, A planned future that…
  • Detritus
    Physical detritus, its many forms, and the unending burden of its containment.
  • Keep Left at the Fork
    Google Maps as a reminder that things have changed.
  • Best Foot Forward
    In which my right foot collects superficial injuries.
  • Business Hours
    Whether they are 9–5 or even the more expansive 8–6, it is a challenge at the best of times to arrive at an establishment that keeps so-called “business hours.” Even more so for the hapless resident physician on inpatient service, whose days stretch twelve hours at minimum. Thus, when given the opportunity to leave work…