mat·ter | ˈmatər |

1. physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, esp. as distinct from energy: the structure and properties of matter.

  • a substance or material: organic matter | vegetable matter.
  • written or printed material: reading matter.

Things that matter, such as professional work or published writing. A rather short list.

  • TrueNAS: Time Machine
    Ten months ago, I thought, “hey, I have a NAS, I should use that to back up our Mac laptops via Time Machine!” Naturally, I ran into multiple past and future bugs and now appear to have arrived at a working solution. Back in ye olde 2020, I encountered an issue where the entire NIC…
  • Vaccine Reactions
    Most reactions to a vaccine are not much to worry about, and even anaphylaxis is treatable.
  • Injustice
    You coaxed me out, Drew me in. I opened my heart to you. When you were done with me You cast me away, Left me exposed.
  • Rudford’s Restaurant Diner Deserves to Perish
    Fighting public health measures has only extended and worsened the pandemic.
  • Contact Tracing
    While only as good as the number of users opted in, contact tracing apps can help identify people at risk of COVID-19 exposure.