Short Reads

Computer Troubles—Yay!

Tess, my five year-old desktop PC, has been throwing all kinds of conniptions over the past few months. Macheads, I see your fingers poised over the keyboard: If you are interested in purchasing Apple’s overpriced hardware and gifting it to me, I will gladly accept. Otherwise, silence.

Classes and my lab rotation are now in progress, forcibly applying structure to my time. In lieu of more interesting developments, I saw this post on Techdirt. A band (that I happen to enjoy) denied permission to use their songs in television commercials, so the company created “sound alike” songs to use instead. Far better than crying to copyright or imaginary property, their response is more like what I talked about a few weeks ago.

Ultimately, what somebody says in the comments is correct: people liking the music in the commercials are going to find their way to Sigur Rós—even more so now that they’ve said something.