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Ne’er Conditioning

Longtime readers of this blog (hi Mom!) may remember the Sweltering August of 2011, during which a lack of functional air conditioning (AC), coupled with the San Bernardino desert, created ambient temperatures too hot for electronic devices. Back then, despite many hints at progress, cooling would not be restored for over a month.

Ten weeks since I first discovered water and eight weeks since displacement from the condo for repairs, Rachel, myself, and Bast have returned home. By and large, things have improved overall: our landlord replaced the destroyed kitchen elements with ones more fitting the Current Era. Anyone who tripped over the buckled flooring sections will be pleased to know that warning has been eliminated from our house rules. Regrettably, the air conditioning, nonfunctional prior to the leak, continues to evade repair.

Despite it being a non-negotiable feature of our residences, we seem to have incredibly bad luck with AC. This time, multiple professionals have attempted the task, only to delegate it to another specialty—a process made all the more difficult by our impractical work hours. In the meantime, we are left to face the oncoming heat with our trusty standbys: open windows, a box fan, and cold showers.

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