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  • Deconstructing Michael Lynton

    For those of you who missed it, Michael Lynton is the venerable Charmain and CEO of MPAA member studio Sony Pictures entertainment who said, in words that are destined to be etched on the monument to the Days That Were, that “I’m a guy who sees nothing good having come from the Internet. Period.” He’s […]

  • Terminator Sacrificed for Dollhouse

    As a follow-up to my previous post, Dollhouse’s companion show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, has been canceled instead. According mouthpiece Kevin Reilly,  “It was not an either or [with Dollhouse]…ultimately, we made the bet on Dollhouse, so that’s it for [Sarah Connor]…” Of course, that’s doublespeak for “We had a choice between two failing…

  • Firefly

    The ill-fated Joss Whedon show Firefly has earned a significant place in overall geek culture, so I have been meaning to watch it for some time now. It’s an excellent take on the space western and I think that for the most part it deserves the fame it has achieved. Unlike other popular sci-fi stories…