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  • Keep Left at the Fork

    Keep Left at the Fork

    Google Maps as a reminder that things have changed.

  • Protected: Resiliency Web

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Altered Timescale

    Altered Timescale

    All of my time estimates need to be corrected by a factor of two.

  • An End and A Beginning

    One week ago, I walked away from my last ever ED shift, and with it, my time as a Pediatrics resident. From here onward, I’m exclusively a Neurology resident: No more well child checks, runny noses, or asthma exacerbations. It went by so quickly—in large part, I imagine, due to the work hours, but also…

  • Burnout

    There is a tiredness that seeps into the soul. Not a lack of sleep or some physical exhaustion; No, this weariness originates in the mind, From which it stretches forth, Penetrating the deepest recesses of the body. Once established it refuses to dissipate. A dense fog coloring experiences in grayscale; It adds burdensome weight to…

  • Change of Shift

    Change of Shift

    Some changes may have occurred in two years.

  • Mistyped URLs

    After the incredible success of my Deviant Art Post Reclamation Effort, I continued onward through time. I finally committed to merging the incredible mistypedURL with this site, which necessitated going through and fixing tags, categories, and formatting. There was also the unfortunate period where I uploaded everything via the erstwhile Posterous; with some internet sleuthing…

  • The Pool of Narcissus

    All too often, someone expresses a nonstandard thought (or even one that is simply incongruent with group norms), and the responses center around how well others can relate the concept to themselves. When they encounter internal resistance, they feel the need to express how the hypothetical does not agree with them. I’m sure some of…