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  • Hasta Luego, San Diego

    Roughly eighteen months ago I made the decision to pursue an epilepsy fellowship in a chaotic process that ended with a position at Stanford. Today, I’m faced with the obvious consequence of my choices: I had to move out of San Diego. The quasi-academic nature of postgraduate medical training leaves little time for major life…

  • Keep Left at the Fork

    Keep Left at the Fork

    Google Maps as a reminder that things have changed.

  • Protected: Resiliency Web

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Altered Timescale

    Altered Timescale

    All of my time estimates need to be corrected by a factor of two.

  • An End and A Beginning

    One week ago, I walked away from my last ever ED shift, and with it, my time as a Pediatrics resident. From here onward, I’m exclusively a Neurology resident: No more well child checks, runny noses, or asthma exacerbations. It went by so quickly—in large part, I imagine, due to the work hours, but also…

  • Burnout

    There is a tiredness that seeps into the soul. Not a lack of sleep or some physical exhaustion; No, this weariness originates in the mind, From which it stretches forth, Penetrating the deepest recesses of the body. Once established it refuses to dissipate. A dense fog coloring experiences in grayscale; It adds burdensome weight to…

  • Change of Shift

    Change of Shift

    Some changes may have occurred in two years.

  • Mistyped URLs

    After the incredible success of my Deviant Art Post Reclamation Effort, I continued onward through time. I finally committed to merging the incredible mistypedURL with this site, which necessitated going through and fixing tags, categories, and formatting. There was also the unfortunate period where I uploaded everything via the erstwhile Posterous; with some internet sleuthing…