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  • Never-ending Grind

    Never-ending Grind

    I keep attempting to wrest my medical trajectory closer to the engineering career I should have pursued all along…

  • Neuro Bags

    Neuro Bags

    Exploring the various items I carry with me at work.

  • New Ontology

    New Ontology

    After a week or so of orientations and Neurology crash courses, disorienting orientations, collecting badges to four different hospitals, and panicked texts to our chief residents, Adam and I started our lives as Neurology residents today. Adam and I started together in 2018, making him my co-resident and “neurobro” for the duration of this journey.…

  • A Headache of a Headache

    Clinical case presentation given in partial fulfillment of the UCSD Child Neurology residency program. Among other things, working through this particular case emphasized the broad differential diagnosis of aseptic meningitis. Available on Google Slides or as a pdf download. Mentor: Begem Lee, MD