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  • Fahrenheit 451

    This was an excellent book—I especially loved the way Ray Bradbury ended it with the Afterward and Coda.

  • The Religion of Science Fiction

    Good science fiction authors are at the same time remarkably prophetic in their thinking and humorously influenced by their own time. I remember laughing aloud when one of the characters in Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land began darning a sock. To me, it was hilarious that in a futuristic world with space travel, characters would […]

  • Ideological Whiskers

    Being a diverse campus, UMBC has its share of people who inhabit the rough-hewn edges of mainstream beliefs. These aret the people who say things that make non-sympathizers around them feel just a little bit uncomfortable. At my school there is a church who sends guys to stand in academic row with an easel and…

  • Feliz Navidad

    Yes, I’m still pensando en español, thanks to the final exam I had tonight. Actually, it wasn’t that big of a deal, because I only had to get five points out of fifty to maintain my current average. It’s really nice to take a final exam that you’ve prepared for when there isn’t a whole lot of pressure…