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  • Neuroscience Style

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  • Looking Scruffy

    After delaying shaving and cutting my hair for the Hallowe’en costume, I let it go for a bit longer in solidarity with Mark, who has been doing No-Shave November. Of course, Rachel hated it with a passion, and so her passion for kissing me was significantly cooled. I finally got a haircut, which left a […]

  • Saber-Toothed Mystery

    Remember when I posted that I wanted that Threadless shirt? I received a package a few weeks later with the shirt enclosed. I thought my brother Mark had gotten it for me, until I noticed the note: “May the Flying Spaghetti Monster touch you with his noodly appendage.” That eliminated Mark and narrowed the pool of…

  • Wishing

    Threadless printed a delightful shirt years ago, that I was too foolish to snap up immediately, instead hoping it would still be available during their next sale. I’ve been waiting for years since then for them to reprint it, and the finally did—only now, I’m too poor to afford the full price $20 + shipping.…

  • New Haircut

    I have been trying out a fauxhawk for the past couple of months. This time, I got it cut shorter on the sides so the look is a bit more stark. Standing it up like this takes a good bit of effort though, so I’m unlikely to do it too often.