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  • Fighter Sighting

    Nearly twenty years ago (good grief, that hurts to say) I completed a pastel painting of a World War II-era fighter plane. I gave it to Mark, who displayed it in his aircraft-themed bedroom for years. After we moved, it found a place in my mom’s house, where I believe it will remain unless he […]

  • Leaving Dayton

    When I last left off, I was experiencing a smorgasbord of weather variations in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio while completing my final rotation of med school. Both my mom and Mark came up from their respective states of residence to visit me as Ohio, unlike California, is within a driving distance where one can…

  • Neuroscience Nights

  • Neuroscience Style II

  • Tastes Like Chicken

    Blackened, covered in delicious spices, it’s…alligator? I am definitely making the most of this NOLA trip.

  • Some Settling May Have Occurred During Shipping

  • Convict Lake

    It took me way too long to process the collected pictures from our camping trip to Convict Lake, but here are some of the highlights (taken by all of us across several cameras). I’ve kind of surprised myself with how much time I’ve been spending outdoors lately. It’s a good contrast to all the time…

  • Going Camping

    Two camping trips in two weekends? Oh heck yes. This time we’re driving all the way to the appealingly-named Convict Lake, cramming as much stuff as we could into the Insight.