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  • Fighter Sighting

    Nearly twenty years ago (good grief, that hurts to say) I completed a pastel painting of a World War II-era fighter plane. I gave it to Mark, who displayed it in his aircraft-themed bedroom for years. After we moved, it found a place in my mom’s house, where I believe it will remain unless he […]

  • Joyriding

    Rachel’s friend Jenni was driving a Mercedes CLX 430 and offered to let her take it out for a spin. She disappeared “around the block,” only to return about fifteen minutes later. I guess she realized she was getting a little far away from the apartment when she saw the highway signs. I got a…

  • Pink Truck

  • Farewell to an Old Friend

    Farewell to an Old Friend

    At long last, the good ol’ 1984 Toyota Tercel has been retired from the Castello household. It’s been through quite a lot over the years, from getting me through my driving test to hauling massive quantities of stuff to and from residences on the UMBC campus. The past year has been pretty difficult for it:…

  • I Want One

    I Want One

    I have always really liked the aggressive exterior image of the Corvette. I just saw this picture of the 2009 ZR1 and it’s pretty sweet. I might just have to set the picture as my desktop wallpaper for a while. Check out some more detailed information and pictures on this blog.