Short Reads

The Answer to Every Question

Yes, the answer to every question is Rachel. I’m wearing a shirt that smells like her too. I got to go prom with her on Friday and spend the whole rest of the weekend at her house. It was my first time ever wearing a tuxedo, which was cool, and then Rachel was absolutely beautiful! I don’t love her for looks or anything like that, and I personally think that she’s beautiful all of the time in a myriad of unique ways. But she really was gorgeous. Wow. She even had real flowers in her hair! Heehee, our corsage/boutonniere matched too (we kinda planned that out). Did I mention she has beautiful eyes?

After all that we had the rest of the weekend to do stuff too; I miss her a whole lot right now but we both had a wonderful time. How can I not have a wonderful time when I’m spending it with her? I love Rachel! I feel extremely blessed to have found a girl like her. She’s far more than I deserve, that’s for sure. I love her.

Anyway that’s as close as I’m going to get to personal stuff in a public journal. I was going to rant about stupid store customers but that’s going to have to wait for some other time.