Long Reads


It’s been one heck of a day. Everything was either due today or tomorrow, and then there’s a Chemistry exam on Friday. Gah. Then I realized that this is probably how it’s going to be every week from now on. Oh and I just found out I’m going to be having music homework to do on top of that. Whee. Time management and all that good stuff. I get to see Rachel this weekend though, but then I might not be able to stay Saturday night, depending on what time they have me scheduled for on Sunday. If the pattern I’ve had for the past few weeks keeps up I’ll be able to, but who knows.

I’m having carpal tunnel symptoms in my hand thanks to work. Sue for medical damages! I wonder if they got around to giving me my three month raise yet…since I’ve been working there as of April. Do the math, it’s been more than three months.

I had to write a paper for composition class about three people who greatly influenced my life. Which is always interesting because there’s kind of an accepted standard for that type of paper, and I really don’t like getting that personal about myself with very many people, not to mention a writing assignment. I picked Kjeld Kristiansen, Bill Gates, and Dr. Seuss. Krisitiansen is the CEO of the LEGO Company for those of you who didn’t know that already. Anyway I took a serious approach to it, and we’ll see what happens. I might even be able to use it for one of two of my college application essays, which would be a nice bonus.

I don’t know what college I want to go to. Hell, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life right now. I’m really interested in science and pre-med, but I’m blank when it comes to what I want to do with that.

Rachel’s going to be off work soon. If we’re lucky we’ll get to talk for a little while before we both have to go to bed. And now my dad came in and is reading what I’m saying over my shoulder.