Matter, Energy, and Life of Michael A. Castello.

If $1000 Was One Pixel

Wealth inequality fills me with impotent anger. I think most of us have difficulty grasping the sheer vastness of the gap between working people—including those who make pretty hefty salaries—and billionaires, so I am constantly looking for ways to make that comparison more understandable. One of my Friends Andrew (I know a lot of Andrews) found one in which this one, where $1,000 is set to the size of a single on-screen pixel.

By inconveniencing just 400 people, the entire human race could advance to a new, unprecedented level of development.

One Pixel Wealth

Billionaires should not exist. It is unethical that, as a society, we permit individuals to hoard those resources while millions of others suffer.

One Pixel Wealth

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