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  • A Million Dollars a Day

    Aloe Blacc inadvertently takes on wealth inequality.

  • If $1000 Was One Pixel

    Wealth inequality fills me with impotent anger. I think most of us have difficulty grasping the sheer vastness of the gap between working people—including those who make pretty hefty salaries—and billionaires, so I am constantly looking for ways to make that comparison more understandable. One of my Friends Andrew (I know a lot of Andrews) […]

  • Eat the Rich

    This video is a medium length but engaging illustration of exactly how stark the wealth inequality in the United States has become. Such disparity is why I have no problem repeating “eat the rich.”

  • Chart: The illustrated history of you being screwed by people like Mitt Romney

    A cold dose of the facts.

  • Today in Netflix

    Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that Netflix would be moving in still another new direction, in a reversal of decision made only a few weeks prior. Qwikster, Hastings’ stillborn attempt to save his precipitously declining customer base by forcing them to cancel two subscriptions instead of one, will be resorbed by the original Netflix…

  • Netflix’s War on Customers

    It’s no secret that the big media “old guard” want absolute control over how we as individuals experience culture. Rather than viewing the internet and the technologies and services it enables as exciting new opportunities to eliminate the cost of distribution and reach a global audience, they have insisted on clinging to a scarcity-driven business…

  • By the Corporations, For the Corporations

    Remember how Comcast and NBC were merging, and there was all kinds of controversy about it? I’m still not entirely sure what I think the deal itself, except that Comcast has a maddening monopoly on internet access in some areas (including where we used to live in Baltimore) and NBC is one of the hemorrhaging…

  • Free Culture’s Worst-Case Scenarios

    Many of my budding artist friends appreciate their obscurity problem and want to share their work without the encumbrance of copyright. Yet they are worried about others using it for commercial purposes, the same fear that drives people like Cory Doctorow into the arms of Creative Commons licenses. This idea of somebody else, maybe a…