Short Reads

I’m Back

I got in at 2:00 am EDT today. Aside from the fact that I missed Rachel every minute of every day, the trip was awesome. I met a ton of great people and had the opportunity to participate in a number of unique experiences.

Some of the medical related highlights included the anatomy laboratory at UCSF, where we were allowed to work with a cadaver and a bunch of loose organs. I also had the privilege of touring Stanford University’s Linear Accelerator Center, where I got to ask a bunch of questions I had left over from my physics class. We did some interesting practical activities as well, solving a medical school Problem-Based Learning activity and suturing bananas.

The social aspect was so much fun! If only Rachel could have been there with me, everything would have been quite grand. We had two dances, one of which was on a cruise through the San Francisco bay, got a few hours in Fisherman’s Wharf (not nearly long enough, I might add), and a day at Six Flags. w00t! I took a bunch of pictures on the last few days, so once I get them developed I’ll put them up in my scraps section. By the way, my birthday’s coming up on July 10th…