Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.


You had fun, it was a good time and everyone was so lovely.
At the end of the night, in the silence of your bedroom,
Tears well up and you are overcome with sadness because
You were born awry.

When you first knew this truth you had no words to describe it,
When you learned the words you lacked the the courage to share it,
Instead holding it close as your biggest, greatest secret,
For you and you alone.

When at last you found the courage they doubted you,
Argued with you, renounced you.
"I would be with you for anything," they said, "but not for this."
Not for this.

Even so they tell you to be proud, be brave, be yourself, be happy
Yet you know it will not happen:
That is for people who need not memorize every facet of their being
Learning to shift their angles.

You realized everything too late and now
You see the pictures but are afraid to dream,
Read the stories but are afraid to hope:
They are different, stronger, luckier.

It was not meant to be for you:
At some point long ago the universe decided
You would always be


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