Matter, Energy, and Life of Michael A. Castello.

Tag: poetry

  • Incongruence

    You had fun, it was a good time and everyone was so lovely. At the end of the night, in the silence of your bedroom, Tears well up and you are overcome with sadness because You were born awry. When you first knew this truth you had no words to describe it, When you learned […]

  • Unbidden

    Do you ever start crying for no reason? Tears that arrive unbidden Bearing more force than they deserve. Only it isn’t for no reason, is it: It’s the same reason as always. You cry for lost love, Unrealized dreams, Heartache and hopelessness. A life that was, One that could have been, A planned future that…

  • Reunion

    My heart ached in your absence, Senses longed for you. I imagined what it would be like. At last I saw you, Wearing my shirt. You came to me and held me close. And in that moment, Nothing else mattered: We were together.

  • Injustice

    You coaxed me out, Drew me in. I opened my heart to you. When you were done with me You cast me away, Left me exposed.

  • Burnout

    There is a tiredness that seeps into the soul. Not a lack of sleep or some physical exhaustion; No, this weariness originates in the mind, From which it stretches forth, Penetrating the deepest recesses of the body. Once established it refuses to dissipate. A dense fog coloring experiences in grayscale; It adds burdensome weight to…

  • Sidewalks

    When I am on the sidewalk I sometimes wish That a truck would hit me In a tragic accident. Saving me the trouble The guilt The responsibility Of doing it myself. I will do it myself The responsibility The guilt Is too much trouble. What a tragic accident This truck has hit me I sometimes…

  • Reduced

    I used to make you feel safe,Encouraged you to share,To trust me.Somewhere along the wayWe switched places:I became the same as everyone else.

  • Collage

    I collected the invitations To events I had missed: Weddings, showers, parties All unattended, reply cards unsent. Their photos covered my wall.