October 7, 2018

You arrive in a whirlwind,
Smelling of flowers and longing,
Pleasure and sharing and laughter and
So close,
And then you are gone,
Leaving happiness in your wake.


August 24, 2018

How many days have passed
Since our hands first touched, cautious fingers entwined?
How many steps along this tangled path
That we have made our own?

A journey over steep and jagged mountains,
Fraught with rocky canyons.
Harsh terrain that we surmounted,
Focused only on the endless road ahead.

For years we swore that we’d survive,
While we braved the deep abyss. 
And when at last we reached the other side,
The world was wrapped in darkness.

We’d helped each other through despair,
Despite no end in sight.
Had all our struggles been for naught?
Would anything be different?

Now, we allow ourselves a moment’s rest,
Before embarking once again.
Clasping our hands, with baited breath,
Await the break of dawn.

At last! The welcome rays of morning sun,
Illuminate our surroundings.
And turning to look back, we see
Just how far we’ve come,



August 21, 2018

I lingered out of reach, hidden deep within myself,
Careful not to share too much, lest I be exposed.
You danced nearby, matched my steps,
Risked yourself, inviting me to trust.

A smile, a laugh, a wink…

A touch.

Suddenly I was in your arms,
I whispered secrets, you held me tighter,
And you said, “Here I am.”

My body is sore while my heart soars.


May 28, 2018

I strive to manage

All of their emotions

Leaving no space

To experience

My own.


May 9, 2018

Once I feared the coming night, what dreads it might contain.

My gentle heart full of light, that I dared not expose.

I fought against a nightmare, shielded flame from tempests,

Slowly fell into despair, watched it dim regardless.

Cursing myself for failure, asking to be released,

In the silence that prevailed, I let my hand unclose.

At last the light extinguished, freedom was before me,

No longer bound by anguish, having found catharsis:

I do not fear the shadows,

For I am, the Darkness.


April 11, 2018

We are the wraiths floating in the shadows, keeping the monsters off the path.

Our souls are bare and tattered, the memory of a form.

You marvel at what was lost to carry out this task,

But perhaps we took the work because our souls were already worn.