Short Reads


This morning, I woke up somewhat refreshed, as I had about seven hours of sleep under my belt. Straining through the morning fog surrounding my brain, I listened as the radio droned through the list of school closings.

Howard County Public schools, closed. Just about every other county? Closed. Howard Community College? Business as usual.

After chem and lab, they finally realized it was snowing outside and closed down. So I am missing Spanish class tonight, which means I get to agonize about my exam for another two days.

Have you ever tried to catch a rabbit? I moved the sofas around far too many times today. Perhaps predators make better pets.

Played Beethoven in a faculty piano recital Saturday, that went well. Rachel and Jason came and we had a killer time this weekend.

Let’s all take responsibility for our own actions, shall we? That means parents too. And little brothers. And moi.