Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.


  • Hasta Luego, San Diego

    Roughly eighteen months ago I made the decision to pursue an epilepsy fellowship in a chaotic process that ended with a position at Stanford. Today, I’m faced with the obvious consequence of my choices: I had to move out of San Diego. The quasi-academic nature of postgraduate medical training leaves little time for major life…

  • Turning Back Time

    It turns out that, like me, my car is getting older. So is this website, for that matter: it’s coming up on fourteen years since this. Back in 2009, having an in-dash LCD screen and navigation system on a Honda was pretty sweet. I still had a Windows Mobile phone with a full keyboard and…

  • Hexagonal Structures

    Hexagonal Structures

    I callously discuss my skin’s poor resistance to friction.

  • Detritus

    Physical detritus, its many forms, and the unending burden of its containment.

  • Keep Left at the Fork

    Keep Left at the Fork

    Google Maps as a reminder that things have changed.

  • Two More Weeks

    In an altogether unsurprising-yet-maddening turn of events, our landlord informed us that the condo repairs remain unfinished, necessitating a stay elsewhere for an additional two weeks. Dave, our Airbnb host, had graciously been allowing us to add additional weeks onto the end of our stay, but we finally ran up against another booking. With this…

  • La Lancha

    Since being unceremoniously required to leave our residence, we’ve been living in an Airbnb dubbed “La Lancha” by its owners, Dave and Bonnie. They built an entire two-story guest house in their backyard with amenities not available in our actual condo, namely, a washer and dryer (also, AC that consistently works, but that’s another issue).…

  • Fighter Sighting

    Nearly twenty years ago (good grief, that hurts to say) I completed a pastel painting of a World War II-era fighter plane. I gave it to Mark, who displayed it in his aircraft-themed bedroom for years. After we moved, it found a place in my mom’s house, where I believe it will remain unless he…