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  • Bricks That Built Us

    Bricks That Built Us

    Mark and I set out to film ourselves building a Lego set. A year later, we finished.

  • An Uncle’s Prophecy

    An Uncle’s Prophecy

    “Some day, you’ll have lots of fun with your little brother.”

  • Retrospection

    Going through my old oughties-era writing has been quite the adventure. I realized that it has been fourteen years since my final post on Deviant Art, which means that everything else is older than that. As I explored, I took the liberty of fixing misspellings, typos, and adding some commentary to now-dead links where appropriate. […]

  • The Man and His Film—Short Directed by Mark

    Awesome short film directed by my brother Mark.

  • Family and Birthdays

    Family and Birthdays

    It’s been an exciting week. Mark and Mom have been visiting us for the first time and we’ve been celebrating “family birthday month.” Mark’s on July 3, Rachel’s on July 8, and mine on July 10. This has been their first time visiting us since we moved, so we’ve been trying to show them as…

  • Graduation Season

    Last weekend I flew back to Maryland for Mark’s high school graduation. I apologize if I didn’t get to visit you; there’s only so much time to visit people on a short trip. Perhaps over Christmas we’ll be able to stay for a bit longer and be able to have leisurely visits with more people.…

  • Operation Turkey Cook

    Operation Turkey Cook

    Let’s start with the news you were dying to hear: Operation Turkey Cook was a success. In addition to preparing a delicious bird, Rachel and I created a sumptuous feast that is bound to have us eating leftovers for a week or more. While listening to This American Life, we made cranberry sauce, asparagus, cornbread…

  • Trick or Treat? [Updated]

    Hallowe’en is fast approaching, and once again I am caught without a costume. I was thinking of hunting down a few accessories at a thrift store so I could be Hipster Hitler, but I’m not sure how well that would go over with folks not privy to the comic. There’s also the possibility of making…