Bricks That Built Us

Mark and I set out to film ourselves building a Lego set. A year later, we finished.

Some time ago (and by “some,” I mean about a year), my friend Andrew B. graciously sent me the incredible Lego Bugatti Chiron to review for BZPower. I was heavily active on the site throughout my formative years and maintained at least peripheral involvement through undergrad and grad school, finally driven to step down in the second year of med school.

Given Mark’s talent for the visual arts, we came up with the idea of ending fourteen years without a shared Lego construction experience by making a video review where we built the car together. We quickly found out that a 3,600-piece set targeted toward an adult audience was going to take longer than a few hours in an afternoon. The project ended up spanning four days, two coasts, and at least one calendar year in a journey that highlights how Lego is meant to bring people together to “play well.”

Unboxing the Set

Somehow having become an “adult fan of Lego,” I break open the box of the impressive second LEGO Technic supercar. With a more minimalist design and a remarkable attention to detail, the packaging takes inspiration from the world of tech products in a manner befitting a set targeted toward an older demographic of LEGO fan. Also featured on BZPower.

Building the Car

Mark and I assemble the 3,599 piece sophomore entry in the LEGO Technic supercar series. A truly impressive feat of engineering, the car replicates features such as its distinctive two-tone blue aesthetic and the sixteen-cylinder W16 engine. Also available on BZPower.