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  • Hasta Luego, San Diego

    Roughly eighteen months ago I made the decision to pursue an epilepsy fellowship in a chaotic process that ended with a position at Stanford. Today, I’m faced with the obvious consequence of my choices: I had to move out of San Diego. The quasi-academic nature of postgraduate medical training leaves little time for major life…

  • Big Sib, Big Sib!

    Big Sib, Big Sib!

    When I started child neurology, I never expected to gain an older sibling.

  • The Coolest Pediatricians

    UCSD Pediatrics residents show off how cool they are in a video, and I make an appearance.

  • All Over Again

    Ten years ago I arrived in Loma Linda, California and attempted to meet the three other naïve souls in my MD/PhD program, only to discover every last one of them was cool enough to have homes outside of the United States. Today, the final member of our tetrad crossed the stage to receive her second…

  • An Evening of Pots

    Now that we live further away from scorching desert heat, Rachel and I have been attempting to expand our porch-garden. When we saw a good deal on glazed clay pots, we figured it was probably time to commit to moving our plants out of spare storage bins and mop buckets. Loading our haul into the…

  • Scheduled (Dis)Appointment

    There’s no easy way to say this: No matter the Match outcome, a lot of people I love and care about are going to be disappointed. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you have a place in mind you’re hoping I’ll end up. Because my economic class dictates that I can only live in…

  • Neuroscience Style

  • Waiting for Dark Knight Rises

    J was tired so we put her to bed while we are waiting in line. I’ve been excited about this movie for ages! Saw the first movie this afternoon in preparation.