Short Reads

All Over Again

Ten years ago I arrived in Loma Linda, California and attempted to meet the three other naïve souls in my MD/PhD program, only to discover every last one of them was cool enough to have homes outside of the United States. Today, the final member of our tetrad crossed the stage to receive her second doctorate. She also forever solidified her place as the smartest one of us by collecting the distinction of Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical school honor society. Although COVID-19 changed our plans, she deserves to be celebrated.

Heather R. Ferguson, MD, PhD
Congratulations Heather R. Ferguson, MD, PhD.

We have experienced so many tribulations along the way both together and alone; today—at least for a moment—allow yourself to relish in the success. No matter what happens in our next decade, I am fortunate to have walked this path beside you.

Heather is around minute 48:00.