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  • Masks and Breathing

    Here’s a nice anecdotal follow-up to those mask objections I wrote about. Remember, even if it did demonstrate that a mask “cut oxygen levels,” that is not the same order of magnitude of problem as spreading a disease like COVID-19. Doctor Runs 22 Miles Wearing Face Mask to Show it Doesn’t Cut Oxygen Levels.

  • Objections to Prevention

    Objections to Prevention

    A rundown of objections to COVID-19 prevention strategies, and why those objections are wrong.

  • COVID-19 Information

    COVID-19 Information

    My collection of information, resources, and articles about COVID-19.

  • Fitocracy Needs Improvement

    After seeing the xkcd comic about Fitocracy, I scoured the internet for invitations and was thrilled when I finally found one. Now that I’ve been using the site for a month or two, some of my enthusiasm has waned. The concept is excellent: Turning fitness into an RPG-style game is a brilliant idea, tapping into…