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My collection of information, resources, and articles about COVID-19.


  2. Stay away from people even if you feel well (aka “social distancing”).
  3. If you think you contracted the virus, stay home and don’t go to the ER unless you can’t breathe, feel faint, can’t keep fluids down.
  4. Take acetaminophen (also known as Tylenol) for fever/aches
  5. Exercising by yourself outside is ok.
  6. Bring food/supplies to elderly family members so they can avoid people–drop off supplies without direct contact.

Official information

Informative articles

I’ve read through these articles and while some of them are very long reads, the information at the time they were published appeared to align with the concurrent briefings from Infectious Disease at my hospital or with my own experience.

Stuff I Wrote

COVID-19 Guide for the General Public

My colleagues have been maintaining a living document with practical COVID-19 information: find it here. Please share with family and friends.

Please keep in mind this information is subject to frequent changes, and is current only through the most recent update. Last updated July 20, 2020. Cover image is public domain from CDC.

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[…] I think all of us in healthcare are trying to provide accurate and current information to our family and friends where possible, but the information changes day to day, sometimes even hour by hour. To deal with this some of my colleagues have put together a “living document” with updated information. That, along with some of the articles and resources I’ve found myself repeatedly linking, is collected here. […]

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