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  • PGY-3

    I’m still a resident, but now I see Neurology patients of all ages across a number of different hospitals.

  • Change of Shift

    Change of Shift

    Some changes may have occurred in two years.

  • Pager Trouble

    One of the first items I was issued when I started residency, along with my ID badge, was a pager. Yes, we still have pagers, which has invited derisive remarks from local churls if we go out immediately after work and forget to leave them in the car. You may be surprised to learn that […]

  • Intern Insecurities

    Now that I’ve finished my first month as an intern, I can admit I was afraid that the first time a nurse asked me a question, I would freeze, burst into tears, and run away. So far, so good. Perhaps the most awkward experience this month was not, in fact, showing first-time mothers how to…