Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.


Research work in the lab, whether for education or for employment.

  • Near-Field Possibilities

    Near-Field Communication (NFC) is one of those technologies that feels like the future—and not just because it’s  been used in Japan for a hemidecade. Through short-range wireless transmissions, NFC helps connect physical objects to the electronic world. Something as thin as a sticker can contain an NFC tag, allowing people equipped with devices to interact,…

  • Snapshot of a Researcher: Dr. Soriano

    At least one person has told me her view of scientists was that they were all crazy white-haired men with accents. It got me thinking—I think that picture is close to a majority opinion. Indeed, if you do a Google image search for “scientist,” one of the first results is pretty much exactly that. As others…

  • Serve Chilled

    Tuesday was a long but productive day during which Appy and I ran two experiments in parallel, nested so that we worked on one while waiting for a step in the other. I decided that at the end of the day we needed to do something fun to reward ourselves.

  • These Cells Are Ready to Be Split

    These Cells Are Ready to Be Split

    Fibroblasts as seen through a 10x magnification. These are live cells, unlike my pretty color pictures. The density of the culture means we can safely split it into a number of parts, where they will continue growing to yield a greater total number of cells.

  • Mounting Coverslips

    One of the many steps that precedes the pretty fluorescence pictures I get. Cells are on little glass coverslips in the plate, and get mounted onto the slide with a special liquid and sealed into place with clear nail polish. All in dim light, since some of the stains are light-sensitive.

  • DM & M

    Picked this up from a vendor at the symposium yesterday. I do enjoy some science humor.

  • This Is Happening Right Now

    This Is Happening Right Now

    Splitting five cell lines into six parts each. That’s thirty flasks to fill with cells before I can go back to work on my poster.

  • Science at 100x

    Science at 100x

    Because you were so consumed with longing to know what I do in lab all day, here’s a picture of some immunofluorescence staining I’ve been working on. Blue is cholesterol (labeled with filipin), which has accumulated in these cells as a result of treatment with a special drug. Red and green are two proteins I’m…