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  • Detritus

    Physical detritus, its many forms, and the unending burden of its containment.

  • Keep Left at the Fork

    Keep Left at the Fork

    Google Maps as a reminder that things have changed.

  • Moving In

    I always imagine that moving is going to be something akin to a sequence. A series of steps in which boxes are created, transported, and piled up in the new location. Perhaps if one belongs to the economic stratum that can afford to hire professional movers (or is a member of the Armed Forces), this…

  • Welcome to San Diego

    Moving here has been less than smooth, but in my first week it really went off-script. It started well enough, with our friends Jon and John graciously helping us load the U-Haul late into the night. Jon even came with us the following morning to take a vanload of stuff down and unload said truck.…

  • Occupancy

    Rachel and I have been looking for a new place to live because, well, the rent. One of the options we’ve been considering is finding a house and sharing it with our friend Liz and another guy, Matt, a friend of a friend who has been looking for a place as well. After months of…

  • On the West Coast (of Maryland)

    Our trip back to Maryland is coming to an end with the wedding of two of our friends. While Rachel’s off doing bridesmaid things, I’m enjoying a beautiful part of Maryland I’ve never really known existed. They even have a few palm trees growing in the gardens, something I would have appreciated a lot more…

  • Our New Apartment

    Hooray, our new place!

  • Welcome to California

    Rachel and I arrived in Loma Linda on Sunday having traveled around 3000 miles, averaged 46 miles per gallon, crossed ten states, and had zero fights. Pause for a moment to appreciate that. Now, this: Thursday we emptied most of the trailer by ourselves, because we’re just that incredible. Okay, enough aggrandizement. In between the…