Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.

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  • Business Hours

    Whether they are 9–5 or even the more expansive 8–6, it is a challenge at the best of times to arrive at an establishment that keeps so-called “business hours.” Even more so for the hapless resident physician on inpatient service, whose days stretch twelve hours at minimum. Thus, when given the opportunity to leave work…

  • RITE Answers

    A test of somewhat less significance.

  • PGY-3

    I’m still a resident, but now I see Neurology patients of all ages across a number of different hospitals.

  • On Call Me Maybe

    On Call Me Maybe

    After starting residency, “on call” turned out to have far more meanings than I previously imagined.

  • 28 Hour Days

    28 Hour Days

    Geocentric 24-hour days are no match for residency.

  • Altered Timescale

    Altered Timescale

    All of my time estimates need to be corrected by a factor of two.