Matter, Energy, and Life of Michael A. Castello.


Generally interesting science stuff.

  • Ready to Cure Cancer?

    Even before I began my research position, I have frequently heard people of many different areas of focus, science majors included, talk about “curing cancer.” The implication is that somehow, it would be possible to find a treatment or technique that would be able effectively eliminate the phenomenon. This assumption is extraordinarily frustrating to me […]

  • Bodies: The Exhibition

    This weekend Rachel and I went with some friends to see Bodies: The Exhibition in D.C. It turned out to be quite the adventure as we got lost part of the of way there and had to call them for directions. They allowed visitors in until 11 PM, however, which I thought was a brilliant…

  • Interview

    The other day I had an interview with a new research professor on campus. During our conversation, she abruptly asked me, “Michael, what has been the most difficult part of your life thus far?” I looked her right in the eye and answered promptly with a single word, “Gastrulation.”

  • Me: 1 Life: 3

    Or maybe, “one step forward counteracting three steps backward.” Today was going well this morning. Really, it was. I talked to Rachel for a little while, ate breakfast, and got all kinds of questions answered in my Chem class. I felt so prepared for Wednesday’s exam, I thought about taking it early. Yesterday, I spent quite a bit…