Matter, Energy, and Life of Michael A. Castello.


Generally interesting science stuff.

  • DM & M

    Picked this up from a vendor at the symposium yesterday. I do enjoy some science humor.

  • Down with the Sickness

    Down with the Sickness

    Because any writing vaguely resembling a movie review needs some sort of pseudo-wit based around a pun. I saw Contagion over the weekend. It’s not often I make it to the theater for a movie (last time was Midnight in Paris, before that I think it was Black Swan), so I try to do my due diligence and make…

  • Science at 100x

    Science at 100x

    Because you were so consumed with longing to know what I do in lab all day, here’s a picture of some immunofluorescence staining I’ve been working on. Blue is cholesterol (labeled with filipin), which has accumulated in these cells as a result of treatment with a special drug. Red and green are two proteins I’m…

  • Nilla Mitosis

    My bag of mini Nilla wafers contained one that was in the process of dividing when it was fixed (baked). The specimen allowed me to complete an informative and delicious diagram.

  • Round and Round We Go

    Studying has more or less pushed me underground for the past week—we’ve got our first biochem test tomorrow. A side effect is that I’ve been unwittingly collecting pictures of metabolic cycles drawn (and redrawn) on various whiteboards. It started innocuously enough with me simply intending to “look at it later,” but instead of doing that…

  • Curing Cancer

    It’s bothered me for a long time that people talk about “finding a cure for cancer.” Today, Jorge Cham of PhD comics has addressed this very same issue in a very easy to understand and straightfoward way—his comic. I enjoy the rest of his comics and it’s awesome that he’s taken the time to try…

  • Let’s Try Some Science

    I have been working on updating my research poster for a presentation I’ll be giving at UMBC as part of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achivement Day. I have been a part of this project since I first started working in scientific research last year, and it’s been extremely exciting to start to see the data…

  • Bachelors of Science

    Ars Technica recently ran a post on how the scientific method that is taught during early education differs vastly from the actual way science is practiced. This is something I’ve had personal experience with as I worked in a real lab over the past year. Rather than the rather linear progression of observation → hypothesis…