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  • The Coolest Pediatricians

    UCSD Pediatrics residents show off how cool they are in a video, and I make an appearance.

  • Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

    I spent a lot of time trying to find the original source for this drawing to give appropriate credit. The artist signed it but I wasn’t able to read the name well enough at this resolution, and reverse image searching turned up a bunch of reposters.

  • Altered Timescale

    Altered Timescale

    All of my time estimates need to be corrected by a factor of two.

  • New Ontology

    New Ontology

    After a week or so of orientations and Neurology crash courses, disorienting orientations, collecting badges to four different hospitals, and panicked texts to our chief residents, Adam and I started our lives as Neurology residents today. Adam and I started together in 2018, making him my co-resident and “neurobro” for the duration of this journey.…

  • An End and A Beginning

    One week ago, I walked away from my last ever ED shift, and with it, my time as a Pediatrics resident. From here onward, I’m exclusively a Neurology resident: No more well child checks, runny noses, or asthma exacerbations. It went by so quickly—in large part, I imagine, due to the work hours, but also…

  • Burnout

    There is a tiredness that seeps into the soul. Not a lack of sleep or some physical exhaustion; No, this weariness originates in the mind, From which it stretches forth, Penetrating the deepest recesses of the body. Once established it refuses to dissipate. A dense fog coloring experiences in grayscale; It adds burdensome weight to…

  • Incision and Drainage

    Descriptions within not recommended for sensitive stomachs.

  • Change of Shift

    Change of Shift

    Some changes may have occurred in two years.