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  • Hasta Luego, San Diego

    Roughly eighteen months ago I made the decision to pursue an epilepsy fellowship in a chaotic process that ended with a position at Stanford. Today, I’m faced with the obvious consequence of my choices: I had to move out of San Diego. The quasi-academic nature of postgraduate medical training leaves little time for major life…

  • Turning Back Time

    It turns out that, like me, my car is getting older. So is this website, for that matter: it’s coming up on fourteen years since this. Back in 2009, having an in-dash LCD screen and navigation system on a Honda was pretty sweet. I still had a Windows Mobile phone with a full keyboard and…

  • Never-ending Grind

    Never-ending Grind

    I keep attempting to wrest my medical trajectory closer to the engineering career I should have pursued all along…

  • Big Sib, Big Sib!

    Big Sib, Big Sib!

    When I started child neurology, I never expected to gain an older sibling.

  • Neuro Bags

    Neuro Bags

    Exploring the various items I carry with me at work.

  • Business Hours

    Whether they are 9–5 or even the more expansive 8–6, it is a challenge at the best of times to arrive at an establishment that keeps so-called “business hours.” Even more so for the hapless resident physician on inpatient service, whose days stretch twelve hours at minimum. Thus, when given the opportunity to leave work…

  • RITE Answers

    A test of somewhat less significance.

  • PGY-3

    I’m still a resident, but now I see Neurology patients of all ages across a number of different hospitals.