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Tag: technology

  • Fahrenheit 451

    This was an excellent book—I especially loved the way Ray Bradbury ended it with the Afterward and Coda.

  • On OnLive

    Apparently at the recent Game Developers Conference, OnLive was revealed as the future of video games. Rather than buying consoles or upgrading your computer, you just pay for the service. They run all the latest games on powerful computers out in “the cloud,” and pipe the content directly to your TV screen through the magic […]

  • Another Lazy Sunday Morning

    Lately when I have spent the night at Rachel’s house, I find myself waking up at 6:00 AM with her, ostensibly for reasons ranging from taking her to work in my car to studying. This particular week I have been doing some preparation for the MCAT, a task that has been considerably hindered by my…

  • Red Zone

    All of today has been a dance between me and my Treo 700w’s rapidly dwindling battery power. Last night, during all of the hubbub, I left my Bluetooth headset paired to the phone, only to realize when I sauntered off to class that I was getting the “First Warning”: battery is less than 10%. After…

  • Screamin’ Fast!

    Whoa. I just got a screaming fast internet connection with my 56K modem. It’s a whopping 48.0 Kbps! That’s the fastest connection I’ve gotten out of my house, ever. Yeah. I need to get cable. Badly. The internet is not designed for the dialup user anymore. There is so much content out there that is unavailable to me thanks to my internet connection. It’s…