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  • How Tech Can Help Science

    My technical problems often involve physical limitations.

  • Modern Medicine

    I am a fan of technology, it says so right in my tagline. I also think that finding ways to apply developing technology to medicine is pretty cool, and is something I enjoy doing myself when the opportunities arrive. That being said, technology hasn’t always lived up to its promise of making life easier, and […]

  • Pager Trouble

    One of the first items I was issued when I started residency, along with my ID badge, was a pager. Yes, we still have pagers, which has invited derisive remarks from local churls if we go out immediately after work and forget to leave them in the car. You may be surprised to learn that…

  • Near-Field Possibilities

    Near-Field Communication (NFC) is one of those technologies that feels like the future—and not just because it’s  been used in Japan for a hemidecade. Through short-range wireless transmissions, NFC helps connect physical objects to the electronic world. Something as thin as a sticker can contain an NFC tag, allowing people equipped with devices to interact,…

  • Heretofore Undiscovered Frequencies

    Over Christmas I acquired some excellent new headphones, Audio Technica’s MH50. I picked these out thanks to a recommendation by Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. These days I spend a lot more time listening to headphones than my speaker system, so I wanted to move away from the “stock earbuds” and get some nice…

  • Working From Home

    I have been relatively quiet of late due to the looming deadline of the paper I’m writing for my lab. I’ve spent a number of afternoons working from home, where I find myself utilizing a comical amount of different tools simultaneously, from duel-wielding Windows and OS X systems to handwritten notes. For no particular reason,…

  • Soda Fountain of the Future

    Wow, Five Guys has the soda fountain we have been collectively imagining for generations. Dial up one of dozens of choices with the touchscreen and push the button to dispense. Yes!

  • Today in Netflix

    Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that Netflix would be moving in still another new direction, in a reversal of decision made only a few weeks prior. Qwikster, Hastings’ stillborn attempt to save his precipitously declining customer base by forcing them to cancel two subscriptions instead of one, will be resorbed by the original Netflix…