This would have been a lament, but…

…I found the last piece moments ago. See, last night I had the great idea that I was finally going to attempt to build my LEGO The Batmobile: Ultimate Collector’s Edition set I have had sitting in the box since school started. Which really wasn’t anything new, as I’ve said that to myself about mid-week pretty much every week for the past several months. The difference this time was that I finished my words by popping open the box and dumping out the pieces. Of course, once that irrevocable step has been taken, there is no stopping until the set is complete.

This was my first Collector’s Series build—basically they are Lego sets designed for people like me who are still into the bricks, and at such ripe old ages continue to enjoy searching through piles of parts for hours on end. Ah, the joy! It’s been some of the most fun I’ve had this week and a great alternative to sitting around feeling fed up with the mighty force that is School (and its many relatives).

At any rate, I stayed up way too late last night working on it, and after I finished studying this evening (and frantically hunting for one last decorative piece that seemed to have disappeared…was going to rant about losing it but now I don’t have to), I finished it. Hooray! I cleared the place on my desk for it weeks and weeks ago, so I will now be excitedly showing off my accomplishment to any and every hapless individual who unknowingly ventures through my door.

It really is a sweet model…the rocket engines on the back and the turbines on the front spin when you roll it across the floor, plus turning the steering wheel raises the hood so the turbines have unrestricted air intake. Add to that an adjustable red leather seat, bat wings, and a sleek black exterior, and you have yourself a Lego model of the greatest fictional car of all time.

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I totally think that if Google knew you were doing this, they’d be so mad at you.

“You could’ve gone and made a flicker account, but nooooo!”

Rofl awesome man.

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