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Yes, the Flyleaf concert was amazing.

My ears are still ringing from the concert last night, but it was most definitely worth it. Flyleaf played in the smallest room of Sonar (warning: flash), and Rachel, Kyle and I were right against the barrier. We could practically touch the performers from where we were in what was the closest possible approximation to a private show.

With such a small space, the bassist came dangerously close to hitting his instrument on the ceiling, but somehow got away with only near-misses. Sameer was wearing an excellent glow-in-the-dark skeleton hoodie. The bones were accurate representations so when the lights were down, the effect worked. Lacey, of course, was all kinds of stunning.

Kyle and I waited around for several hours after the show and as a result, got some stuff signed. The Sharpie isn’t going to stay on the iPod forever though, so I took the picture as soon as possible. Perhaps I could get it laser-engraved.

iPod signed by members of Flyleaf, including Lacey Mosley
Lacey signed my iPod!

There is also the picture we almost didn’t get thanks to a dead camera battery, but it came back to life just in time. Yes, Lacey makes me look like a polypheme. I can live with that.

I’d never had the willpower to stand around for ages after a show ended before, but this was quite the rewarding experience. It’s kind of a mental battle, as the band waits for most of the crowd to give up and leave, and you try to be one of the twenty or so people who stick it out. I’m inclined to try doing this again after other shows at more intimate venues, maybe a little better prepared. In the meantime, I’m still coming down from the fan-gasm. Connect with fans? Yes, please.

Me and Lacey Mosley after the Flyleaf concert at Sonar.

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Awesome. Like how the bodyguard guy is just staring at the camera as if saying “stay away from Lacey, she’s mine!”

What a show. Paper Tongues, the opener, is going to be big one day, and we got the whole band to sign our CDs. Not a bad night’s work.

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