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  • Clips of Yore

    LEGO Studios’ camera was not quite as timeless as the bricks it included.

  • Bricks That Built Us

    Bricks That Built Us

    Mark and I set out to film ourselves building a Lego set. A year later, we finished.

  • Retrospection

    Going through my old oughties-era writing has been quite the adventure. I realized that it has been fourteen years since my final post on Deviant Art, which means that everything else is older than that. As I explored, I took the liberty of fixing misspellings, typos, and adding some commentary to now-dead links where appropriate. […]

  • Reclamation

    My first foray into “writing stuff online” was through the “journal” feature on a little website called DeviantArt (then stylized as deviantART). This despite having previously avoided LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace, and extensive AIM profile updates. It might have been because I had started a physical journal some time before, or perhaps due to growing tired…

  • Lego Rediscovery

    For some time now I have had a goal of transporting my Lego collection from its storage location at my mom’s house to my current place of residence. This past weekend, I made the beginnings of progress during a brief stop through Maryland. When I arrived at her house, my mom had kindly gathered all…

  • Graduation Season

    Last weekend I flew back to Maryland for Mark’s high school graduation. I apologize if I didn’t get to visit you; there’s only so much time to visit people on a short trip. Perhaps over Christmas we’ll be able to stay for a bit longer and be able to have leisurely visits with more people.…

  • Bricks, Windows, and Sam I Am

    Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, president and CEO of the LEGO Company; William Gates, founder of the Microsoft Windows operating system; and Theodor Seuss Geisel, author-illustrator of over forty children’s books. While at first blush these three men may appear entirely unrelated, they do share one common aspect. Each has had a great influence on my life, providing a…

  • Brothers

    Mark’s friend and his friend’s little brother in the hammock/swing. There’s something special about a little brother, even when they’re a complete pain.