Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.

Finding the Right Path

God’s way is the right way because if he exists, he exists outside the world and can see the shape of things. God’s way is the right way because that is the way the world is; therefore, you can find God’s way by looking at the world—which is exactly what people did when they wrote religious books. The things they say are correct because you can see them reflected in the way the world is.

Things in the Bible are right only so far as they reflect the way things are; the way things are is not wrong because the Bible says so. But people mix in culture, interpretation, mistranslation, mispunctuation, and twenty thousand years of incomprehensible babble and claim that they need to change the world to fit the pattern they’ve constructed for themselves. You need to strip all of that away, look at the world, and try to find the correct path—”God’s path,” if you will—for yourself.

This not in the sense of “I do what I want”; rather, this way is the most difficult way of all, because you have to actually use your brain. You can’t just read a cookbook and mindlessly believe what it says, so you spend your whole life trying to follow and refine your understanding of the correct path, because that’s the best you can do. It was the best you could do before anyway, but at least now you know why the heck you’re doing what you’re doing. If God is indeed just, he will reward those who have spent their life searching for and attempting to live in the best way, which is the correct way, which is God’s way.

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