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Heretofore Undiscovered Frequencies

Over Christmas I acquired some excellent new headphones, Audio Technica’s MH50. I picked these out thanks to a recommendation by Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. These days I spend a lot more time listening to headphones than my speaker system, so I wanted to move away from the “stock earbuds” and get some nice cans that would deliver a good sound while helping isolate me from ambient distractions.

Who knew there was so much else to hear?

So far, the difference has been incredible. I’ve suddenly been transported to my own microcosm of sound and concentration. Whole frequency ranges have been opened to me! I didn’t realize just how much I’ve been missing out–this makes me want to upgrade all of my mp3 files to FLAC.

One downside of nice headphones, however, is that I look kind of dorky wearing them. It’s a small price to pay for the benefits they provide.

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3 responses to “Heretofore Undiscovered Frequencies”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    I still prefer Sennheisers, but those look pretty nice. Now you know why I re-ripped my collection!

    1. SteelWolf Avatar

      Sennheisers were also on my list to consider, but I ended up going with the AT-HM50s because they have a more closed design for better sound isolation without paying for active noise cancellation.

  2. Thomas Frank Avatar

    Glad you’re enjoying the M50’s! They’re pretty low profile compared to some other cans (especially my AD700’s), so they don’t look that dorky. I’ve been using my Sony XB500’s more these days because I like the ridiculous bass, so I have to deal with walking around campus with what look like giant pillows on my head 🙂

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