Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.

La Lancha

Since being unceremoniously required to leave our residence, we’ve been living in an Airbnb dubbed “La Lancha” by its owners, Dave and Bonnie. They built an entire two-story guest house in their backyard with amenities not available in our actual condo, namely, a washer and dryer (also, AC that consistently works, but that’s another issue). Everything from the ACs units to the fans and blinds were under remote control (convenient!), and the house has a loft-style upstairs bedroom that gives the house an open, airy feel.

There are some big glass window-doors that open up onto the pool deck, which made it ridiculously easy to making it easy to spontaneously decide to go for a swim or to take our meals and drinks outside. The outdoor atmosphere was undoubtedly enhanced by their three great dogs, Buddy, Elsa, and Lacie. Buddy and Bast even managed to get along, staring at each other through the windows. Over time, when Buddy came into the yard he ran over to check and see if Bast was there. This was also a case of kind people making a difficult situation much easier: our hosts went out of their way to make our stay a positive experience and even had a barbecue when we left.

It was tempting to want to stay there longer if the whole “repair the damages” thing didn’t work out with the condo, but La Lancha is fated to become a true in-law residence in the coming months. We wish Dave and Bonnie all the best—give the dogs extra pets for us!

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