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Short Reads

Updates that are comfortably bite-sized.

  • The Answer to Every Question

    Yes, the answer to every question is Rachel. I’m wearing a shirt that smells like her too. I got to go prom with her on Friday and spend the whole rest of the weekend at her house. It was my first time ever wearing a tuxedo, which was cool, and then Rachel was absolutely beautiful! I don’t love […]

  • Doublethink

    Wow. I just finished reading 1984, a book written by George Orwell (of Animal Farm fame). The story has really struck me. It was one of those books that grabs you right from the beginning and carries you through to the end, and a plot where you’re hoping the entire time for something good to happen at the end and…

  • It’s About Time

    I’m all excited now! I finally finished something new to put up here. I’ve been working on a pretty complicated project for a while and I decided to put that aside and do something a little simpler that I could just finish. It feels good to complete something. Thanks again to darkmatterzone for allowing me to use some of…

  • The name’s SilverSteelWolf now.

    I guess I’m still kind of “starting out,” even though I’ve been a member here for some time now. I’ve certainly learned a whole lot about using Photoshop and just artwork in general since that time, so hopefully I’ll be able to show some of that in the near future. Right now I really work too slowly… I…