Long Reads

Mower Efficiency, Composition Waste

My composition assignment for tomorrow really stinks. It’s supposed to be a “process paper” which, if you’ve ever tried to write one, is rather difficult, especially if you have to write in third person for the whole thing. Mine’s on mowing the yard with a new technique, but I think it really stinks.

I also had a Spanish quiz tonight I don’t think I did as well as I could have on, and I retook last week’s quiz just for the fun of it because the teacher said we could. I know I fixed some spellings and accent marks this second time around, but then I made some other ones so I don’t know if I’ll fare any better. Blargh.

I really need to find a job other than Giant because it’s killing my wrists. Badly. Too bad I seem to be un-hirable. It’s like I committed a major crime or something, the way employers shy away from me.  

I’ve been wanting to install Service Pack 2 all week since I got the disk in the mail (thanks to my slow net connection, y’know), but I haven’t been able to spend the time/give up the computer, thanks to school and work and all that stuff. At least Rachel and I got to have a long conversation yesterday. Heehee. There are some good things in it all, as always.

I wonder if email services like AOL and Hotmail automatically block those registration messages from sites like dA. They are automatically generated after all… I have to figure out why Rachel hasn’t gotten hers yet. I love Rachel!