Long Reads

Rantage = k/Viewers

That’s right, rantage has to be inversely relaated to the number of people who view it. As in, the more I rant, the more people flock in droves…away. Or rather, Michael is just frazzled because of “life.”

Have to find a new job and apply to college and both are really hard, especially when Giant and school and community college are taking up all my awake/non-tired time. I want more hours. As in, the kind that come free in a day, not the kind where you work and don’t get paid the wages the company SAYS you’re supposed to be getting paid.

I tried entering a dA contest…what can it hurt. Messing with a fun idea for a cover image. I wish I had time to purse all these fun things instead of plowing through each day in an attempt to meet my many deadlines. Things will feel a lot better, I think, if I can just get these applications out of the way. That’ll be one major load off of my mind.

My other wrist (the one without the brace) started hurting badly tonight, so I put my watch around it and cranked the Velcro band up tight. Pseudo-Acewrap/cutting off feeling. It helped a bit. But it’s really sad that it comes to that at Giant. I can’t wait to go back Tuesday! Blah.

Rachel is what’s right in my world. Along with all my awesome friends and people who care about me, because there are many. I’m really thankful for all these people. I can’t always focus on the stresses and things outside my control, because that’s a surefire recipe for going under.  

Mmmm…Rachel kissses.