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My first foray into “writing stuff online” was through the “journal” feature on a little website called DeviantArt (then stylized as deviantART). This despite having previously avoided LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace, and extensive AIM profile updates. It might have been because I had started a physical journal some time before, or perhaps due to growing tired of sharing the same stories with multiple groups of people–a reason I use to this day.

When I stopped writing on DeviantArt, I started writing on Blogspot, a platform that allowed me to export my old posts. Everything I wrote from that point onward has come with me through various website iterations. Although the things I wrote when I was in high school are predictably…juvenile, they are still a part of my history. I think they deserve a place in the archive here

I plan to add the posts with their original date and time where possible, which should keep them free of the front page. Apologies to the folks who follow the RSS feed: I don’t know how to keep them from showing up there. Enjoy the trip through my emo teenage years, song lyrics and all.

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