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  • How I’m Spending the Next-Next Decade

    Mark recently remarked that it has been about…oh, hey, a decade…since I last attempted to lead my family and friends through the masochistic labyrinth of my poor life choices. Having now reached the “Post-Graduate” heading of that infamous post, I suppose an update would be beneficial. Regrettably, despite my prior efforts, many of my loved […]

  • Confounding, Perplexing, Conclusion

    Today, I gave my CPC presentation. I think it’s supposed to stand for Clinical Pathological Correlation…or was it Case Presentation Conference? Despite my lack of certainty on the acronym’s meaning, a CPC is kind of a capstone project for the Pediatrics component of my residency program. An attending physician assigns a senior resident the task…

  • A Headache of a Headache

    Clinical case presentation given in partial fulfillment of the UCSD Child Neurology residency program. Among other things, working through this particular case emphasized the broad differential diagnosis of aseptic meningitis. Available on Google Slides or as a pdf download. Mentor: Begem Lee, MD

  • COVID-19 Information

    COVID-19 Information

    My collection of information, resources, and articles about COVID-19.

  • After today, the next time I round I’ll be writing orders.

  • Hurray for Health Reform

    What this means is that the Affordable Care Act is the only thing protecting us from an imminent surge in the number of Americans who can’t afford essential care. So this reform had better survive — because if it doesn’t, many Americans who need health care won’t. via Take note, misguided ACA opponents.

  • Why Two Degrees?

    Looking over the long road ahead of me, one might consider asking, incredulously, why somebody would want to do an MD/PhD program at all. It’s certainly a justified question, to which the short answer is that I think receiving training in both clinical medicine and research science will be especially valuable in my future career.…

  • Abstinence-Only, the Only Way to Fail

    Last week, while the Senate Finance Committee was busily voting down health care reforms supported by doctors and more importantly, the American People, Utah Republican Orrin Hatch tossed in a $50 million line item for abstinence-only sex education. This, despite the fact that one of the GOP’s main concerns about health care reform is the…